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Yugioh 101: How To Play The Yugioh Trading Card Game

Based on the hit Japanese comic book and cartoon series, Yugioh trading cards have become a hit with youngsters everywhere. Yugioh enthusiasts worldwide collect the wildly popular Yugioh trading cards in order to participate in the elaborate game that is based on the trading cards. If you’re curious about the Yugioh phenomenon, and would like to learn the basic rules and strategies of the Yugioh trading card game, here is a helpful Yugioh primer.
The basic object of the Yugioh trading card game is to become a master duelist by winning a series of matches against your opponent. To play, two or more players must have a basic set of game cards, a game mat, and a copy of the official rulebook. Each match consists of three duels. The first player who wins two duels, or has one win and two draws, is considered the winner of the match.
Each player must begin with a minimum of 40 cards, known as the Dueling Deck. In addition to the Dueling Deck, players may also play with a Side Deck. Players use their Side Deck in order to modify and improve their primary Dueling Deck. The Side Deck must contain exactly 15 cards. Cards from the Side Deck can be exchanged for cards in the Dueling Deck, as long as the number of cards in the Dueling Deck remains the same.
At the beginning of a duel, each player begins with 8,000 Life Points. A player’s Life Points are gradually reduced according to damage incurred during battle. The first player whose points are reduced to zero Life Points loses the battle. If by chance both players are reduced to zero Life Points, the battle is declared a draw.
There are three basic types of cards used to play the Yugioh Trading Card game. These include: Monster cards, Spell cards, and Trap cards. Monster cards are classified as ‘attack’ cards. They allow you to launch an attack against your opponent. There are numerous types of Monster cards, including Fusion Monster cards and Ritual Monster cards. Each type of monster card has a different effect, and may work in combination with each other to launch a specific attack.
Spell cards allow you to put a spell on your opponent. Once the spell has been activated, normal Spell cards can no longer be used. Other types of Spell cards include Continuous Spell cards, Field Spell cards, and Equip Spell cards.
Trap cards are color-coded purple cards that are used to trap your opponent. Different types of Trap cards have different effects. The most common types of Trap cards are Normal Trap cards, Counter Trap cards, and Continuous Trap cards.
Every Yugioh card that is in play or has been discarded is placed on the Yugioh game mat. The game mat is divided into different fields where specific cards can be played. For instance, there is a Spell and Trap zone where these cards can be played. Using the information printed on each card, players battle against one another. Whoever incurs the least damage during battle is deemed the winner.


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