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You Can Learn How To Hynotize Free

Ever wonder how the professional hypnotist do it? How they can make people do and say things they would never normally do? They studied and practiced hypnosis for long periods of time and now so can you. Learn how to hypnotize free has never been so easy, many sites such as this one have many articles on the topic.
Hypnosis is changing someone’s state of mind. You can easily change someone’s state of mind with alcohol or drugs. Changing someone’s state of mind with words and images is a little bit more difficult but follows the same idea.
Restaurants all the time use color and symbols to make you spend more money and spend less time eating. Mcdonald’s uses its golden arches which are red and yellow. Red is the colour of blood and is tied to human hunger. Yellow is the color of natural grass, as humans for a long period of our evolution were hunted we are still fearful to be out in the open grassland. This causes us to eat faster.
McDonald’s also uses shape. Humans like curved objects, the arch is used to attract people to it. When you think of arch and curve one of the first things that comes to mind is the opposite sexes body. McDonald’s uses this natural instinct to attract costumers.
Think about it, many companies use things that are totally unrelated to their product to attract users using images and words. You can use this type of mind control yourself with some research and practice.
It may take a lot of study and practice, but eventually you will be able to figure out how the brain makes its connections. Like the example of yellow to danger and Red to food. You will first need to figure out what your brain connections are like. To do this, you must engage in free thought.
To free think grab a piece of paper and write down the first thing you think of and then as soon as your finish writing the first thing your thinking of start writing the second thing you are thinking of. You will be surprised at how your brain organizes information.
Learn how to hypnotize for free and learn clever and interesting things about yourself and the world around you.


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