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Why It Is Important To Know How To Read Your Website Traffic Statistics

It is important that you understand how to increase your website traffic, but even more important is being able to read your website traffic statistics. Without understanding your website traffic statistics, you may be unaware of how little traffic you really are getting. It is vital that you know things such as how many visitors you are receiving, what time of the day you receive the most traffic and what things on your website seem to be the most popular. If you understand your website traffic statistics you will be able to do all of these things and more.

By knowing your website traffic statistics you can determine where most of your traffic is coming from to help you know what keywords to optimize. This will in turn help you climb higher on the search engines thus generating higher traffic.
Understanding your website traffic statistics will allow you to see what time of the day you’re receiving the most visitors at. Why is this important you may ask? Knowing this information allows you to know when you should change things on your website and when you should keep it the same. You don’t want to be making all kinds of changes while you’re having a rush.
If you make changes to your website before the rush, returning visitors will notice the changes and be more apt to return again to see what else you have added. New content is important in continuously drawing visitors back for more. Another advantage to knowing your website traffic statistics and what time of the day is most crowded is you can put specials on at that time. Knowing when you will be receiving a rush allows you to put special offers and bonuses on for a few hours during the most crowded times. This will impress your visitors and create more return visitors with referrals as well.
Knowing your website traffic statistics is important, but is much easier if you use a site stats program. Some of the more popular programs include Awstats, Webalizer, and Analog. The great thing about these programs is that they come free and are easily accessible right through your control panel, which is provided to you through your web host. They all have similar features that will help you find out things you may have never even thought of.
If you want to create a successful website you have to know how to read your website traffic statistics. Knowing how many hits per day you receive and what keywords to optimize are vital parts to success. Using a site stats program to read your website traffic statistics makes it a lot easier and is extremely convenient. If you learn how to read your website traffic statistics you can learn secrets and tricks to help get your website higher on the search engines and generate more traffic.

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