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Web Marketing And Branding – Getting An Online Presence

Does your company have a website?  Does it have an Internet presence?  Do you think you are receiving traffic on your website? No? Maybe?You are not sure then.

Online Presence – Where is your website?

Yes, you say you have a website and proud to say your business has an Internet presence.  Pardon me, but where is it?
While you may have already placed your brand name, your logo, your products and the services you offer in your website – you may be surprised why it is not generating the sales you have expected it to get.  After all, there are millions of Internet users out there, and there are online businesses that are generating sufficient amount of sales with their websites – what could have happened to your full-featured, e-commerce ready, shopping cart equipped, credit card payment feature capable, and fully functional company website?  There seems to be nothing wrong, or is there?


You may claim and boast to have a company website – but is it getting the success other websites have in the Internet?  In fact, having a website alone cannot be equated to having an online presence – if no one sees it.  How can your company claim to have online presence, if no one gets to browse on your website, and click on your web pages? 
Technically, you may be able to defend your self – but essentially and frankly speaking, your website is nowhere to be found. This dilemma can be given solution with the concepts and application of marketing & branding principles – in this case, the principles of web marketing and branding.

Web Marketing And Branding – What It Means

Web marketing and branding means promoting your website – it essentially means getting Internet traffic and taking the online community to the portal of your website.  It would also include giving it a positive image that relates to integrity, reliability and authenticity. 

Web marketing and branding means positioning your website, its name and the products and services therein, to a specific target market or audience in the online community.  It means molding your company to be one that can be trusted – and one that is an authority in the industry it is in.  Web marketing and branding means taking hold of your website and giving it a touch of class and functionality, a dose of charm and usefulness – all in the focused effort of establishing your name in cyberspace as the company of choice in your field and the website of preference – in getting valuable information and in doing business with.

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