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The Nature of Message Board

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I am sure many of us are not at all ignorant about forums, but we cannot deny the fact that there are still people, especially those who are in rural areas, who have no knowledge what a forum is.  Forum is commonly defined as a public meeting or presentation involving a discussion usually among experts and often including audience participation.  With this definition alone, I know that certain basic knowledge about forum is already given.  But in this article, the usual forum that we knew is not really the focus here.  I am instead dealing more of message board.

So, what then exactly is message board?

According to some experts, a message board, also known as internet forum or discussion board is actually a web application that serves for online discussions.  This is in fact is the modern heir of the bulletin board systems and existing Usenet news systems that were far-flung in the 1980s and 1990s.  What does a bulletin board system mean?  A bulletin board system or known as BBS is in fact a computer system running software that lets the users to have contact into the system through phone line and carry out actions such as downloading software and data, uploading files, reading news, and exchanging messages with other users.

For the masses information, a message board generally emerges as part of a website and encourages computer users to involve in the online discussions.  This simply means for the computer user to start topics and discuss issues with one another.  It seemed like a team work is present here.  It is interesting to note that sometimes, a message board comprises most, if not all, the content of a particular mise-en-scene.  Another important point to consider about message board is that the users are not allowed to edit or to change the other user’s forum posts; however, site administrators and moderators usually have access to editing.  This particular feature of message boards is mainly compared to wikis, which is a website that allows any message board user to add content and which gives the full authority to the message board users in editing the content.

Message boards also differ from weblogs, which is known simply as a blog, but defined as a web application that contains periodic, reverse chronologically ordered posts on a common webpage.  The difference between the message boards and weblogs is that, the message boards mainly grant most message board users to employ topics, which are sometimes referred as “threads”, whereas weblogs only grant one or a few users to make entry.  Aside from this, Message boards also apt to be more spiked in focus, while weblogs apt to be more particular to a certain issue or topic.

Furthermore, message boards are partitioned between those message boards that require registration and those that allowed users to create and reply topics anonymously.  In the message boards that required registration, the users choose a desired username and password for them to join the forum and post reply to topics and start new ones as they wish.  The message board users in this type of message board might also be required to give their e-mail addresses for confirmation.  Also, the members of this type of message board are often allowed to modify their message board knowledge with peculiar scoop such as avatars and profiles.

Message boards, nevertheless, grant the users any moderator privileges, such as the power to delete posts and topics, transfer topics to other forums, correct posts, and other ways designed to keep the truce and to uplift the rules devised by the webmaster.

A message board has certain characteristic that differ greatly from other web applications.  A message board can be flat, which means that each response from the other message board user within a particular topic is listed in chronological order.  A message board can also be threaded, where every post is linked from a parent post.

Today, several message boards are available online and it highly catered to correct spelling, grammar, and other rules of writing, in contrast to instant messaging.  Message boards, fortunately, generate a huge amount of writing in posts.  I further can say in conclusion that message boards greatly affect the number of standard letters written.

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