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Thailand embraces a rich variety of traditions and cultures. The kingdom of Thailand is set in the center of Southeast Asia making it a natural gateway to nearby places. With its pompous history, famous hospitality, and tropical climate, Thailand is a never-ending place of charm and pleasure for international visitors.

If you want to visit Thailand and experience what it has to offer, the big question is what can you do in Thailand to make it a treasured adventure? Well, first you need to plan your Thailand adventure tour, you can do this by simply listing down the things you want to do and the places you want to visit. A well visited place in Thailand is the Khao Sok National Park. This National Park has the best preserved habitats for tropical vegetation and wildlife surrounded by grand limestone cliffs. You can do rain forest treks, kayaking, overnight raft trip on a lake in the middle of the jungle, or simply enjoy staying on tree houses which are built on one-hundred year old hardwood trees.

Another place that you can add to your Thailand adventure tour is the Railei Beach in Krabi. This place is one of the worldís most impressive beaches; it is enclosed by pure limestone cliffs which separated it from the mainland making it non-accessible to vehicles. Variety of wildlife can be found here which includes, civet cats, sea eagles, and others. The sea that surrounds it has small rocky islands with white sand and coral reef gardens.

You may also want to include the Similana Resort in Phang Nga for places to stay on your Thailand adventure tour. The Similana resort is located in Khao Lak which is a coast of stunning beaches for vacationers that seeks to escape the tourist crowds. This resort is on top of a hill which gives and exquisite view of the white sand beaches, lush vegetations and rock formations. This resort is complete with the amenities of a standard beach resort combined with unspoiled bay.

If youíre a sea lover, then sea canoeing would definitely perfect your Thailand adventure tour. Sea Canoe trips are offered by online tours which may include a stay at Ampawa, a most pleasant and conventional of the green areas of farms and orchards surrounding Bangkok. You can experience old Thai hospitality with overnight stays in a villagerís comfortable home on a canal in a coconut orchard, and experience home cooking and producing coconut sugar with the villagers.

Planning that great Thailand adventure tour is the next enjoyable thing you can do. You may want to check out online sites to know more about the places in Thailand and narrow down your list to the best things to do and the best places to be. Or if you simply donít want to go through the hustle, just choose an online travel agency that can give you that Thailand adventure tour youíll be looking forward to.

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