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Have you recently been planning to have a getaway, but canít decide where to go especially that you are looking for a more thrilling and exciting adventurous trip? Ruck Sack is the answer for your desire for real adventure tours. Ruck Sack Tours is a famous operator of real adventure tours in India, who promises to give you the kind of adventure you are looking for to satisfy that craving of excitement. It is also popular for organizing trekking, and mountaineering expeditions in India and Nepal, providing a true indulgence for the trained and professional mountaineers and trekkers very eager of negotiating the hazardous heights of the hilly terrains.

Quench your thirst for real adventure tours with Rucksack Tours and discover the mind-blowing thrill of being in the hands of true professionals who can satisfy your sense of adventure. Your tours will not only be exhilaratingly fun, but also you will be able to experience unforgettable tours of your life.

Ruck Sack packages for real adventure tours include, Trekking tours of India, Mountaineering Expedition, Jeep Safari Tours, Photo Safari tours, Filming tours, Indian Wildlife tours, Motor Bike tours, Sailing, Golden Triangle tours, Pushkar Festival tours, Indian Heritage tours, Rajasthan Heritage tours, South India tours, Ayurveda tours of India, and Palace in Wheels tours.

Whether you are passionate about trekking or mountaineering expedition and climbing enthusiast, Ruck Sack real adventure tours are the thing for you. Enjoy the mountaineering in India and explore the majestic mountains and see the world from the top. Ruck Sack Tours is registered with the Indian Mountaineering Foundation. India suits for those who love to do all types of cycling adventure because it is blessed with a very wide range of terrain. And as for Jeep and Photo Safari, Ruck Sack will take you to splendor places of palaces and temples, the traditional lifestyle of the country people, the busy city life, and to the quiet villages. Ruck Sack Tours are also dedicated in providing the best support for the TV or filming crews. Make sure that you bring your camera with you to be able to take photos as you mementos of the fascinating Indianís way of living that is very different from yours. Bring home with you the evidences of all your memories of true adventure tours and fun that you had during your trip to India.

The Indian wildlife tours of Ruck Sack will take you to some of the finest South Asian wildlife areas, like wildlife sanctuary, national park, which are characterized by its own distinctive bionetwork.

Water sports are recognized as one of the exciting activities all throughout the world, like sailing tours through gurgling rivers, narrow passes, streams and in creeks. Ruck Sack sailing tours of India will provide you the opportunity to experience the natureís adventures in a wooden country boat, sailing down the Ganges between two of Indiaís ancient and rich in culture cities.

The golden triangle tours will give you an ultimate pleasure in seeing up close and personal the magnificent historical charm of India. The Pushkar tours provide you an excellent chance to familiarize yourself with the tradition and culture of Rajasthan and the special attraction of this tour is Pushkar Camel Fair.

The many true adventure tours that Ruck Sack offers will definitely make your stay worthwhile, fun, and most definitely unforgettable. What is fun without adventure? Adventure is what you are looking for; Ruck Sack has everything to satiate your desire for exhilarating excitement.

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