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Which Form of Vitamin C Does Protect Skin Cells?


Vitamin C is necessary for producing of collagen: a strong connecting cloth, which, literally, retains us in the entire form. Without the collagen we would go to pieces, because this protein retains together the skeleton bones, it fastens muscles to the bones and does not give any opportunity for the internal organs and for the skin to leave its places.

Can vitamin C free us from some forms of the inflammation such as: psoriasis or the sunburn?

As occurred, the problem isn’t in the vitamin itself but in it’s solubility. The vitamin C solubility: whether it is dissolved in the water or in the fat, so it determines, into which part of the cell it can penetrate and as a result which part of the cell can be protected.

Natural form of vitamin C: L- ascorbic acid, is dissolved in the water. Therefore, although L – ascorbic acid is concentrated inside the cell, it cannot protect its shell from the free radicals. It also possesses strong acidic properties and sufficiently irritates the skin and then it rapidly decomposes and loses it’s force after 24 hours.

The ether form of vitamin C is the derivative from L – ascorbic acid with the fatty acid, isolated from the palm-tree oil. It’s also called palm acid. The ideal medicine for the skin will come out if we add a small quantity of palm oil to the molecule of vitamin C. In this particular case ether won’t irritate the skin and it is possible to bring that kind of vitamin C even to the open cut of the skin. So importantly that the ether form of vitamin C is capable to be dissolved in the fat; therefore it easily absorbs by the skin.

Thus the ether form of vitamin C is capable to penetrate the thin membrane surrounding cells. The membrane of cellular plasma itself consists predominantly of fat. As a result, the ether form of vitamin C will strongly protect against free radicals precisely that part of the cell, where they can cause the greatest harm.

The stability is another advantage of the ether form of vitamin C. That’s why it is possible to add this form into the creams and the lotions, and it will preserve the ability to act for months and even for years, completely without spoiling or losing it’s anti-oxidant effect.

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