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Are you planning for registering a domain name?  Well, before you do so, here are some important points that you must know about the process for registering a domain name.

For registering a domain name, you need to consider that sole means to register and begin using a domain name is to apply the services of a domain name registrar.  It is also nice to know that in terms of the domain name, the domain name industry is regulated and overseen by the ICANN or the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which is an organization that has the duty to certify companies as domain name registrars.

For registering a domain name, it is necessary to know that it is only the domain name registrars who are allowed to access and modify the leading database of domain names which is now maintained by the InterNIC.  And speaking of the master database, it is considered that it contains the documentation on the entire domain names registered to date.

For registering a domain name, you should know that if you come across a said domain name registrar that is not on the list, it is probably a group that is solely acting as a reseller for one of the official registrars as only an official domain name registrar has the right to amend the domain names’ database.

For registering a domain name, another important point that you should know is that the ICANN or the recognized domain name registrars have the power to allot domain names for the TLDs of the top-level domain names such as .com, .biz, .info, .name, .net, and .org.  In relation to that, if you are registering a domain name, the ICANN does not particularly make official registrars to provide registration supports or services for country code TLDs.

For registering a domain name, it is an important fact for you to know that the domain name registrar that you choose will identify the cost for registering a domain name.  However, it is a general view that the registrars expect to pay a yearly fee from the domain name consumers.  There are also some domain name registrars that provide discounts for registering a domain name for more than one year, but then the registrars have no right to sell more than a 10-year registration transaction for any domain name.

And for registering a domain name, there are some laws that regulate the process for registering a domain name, like registering a copyrighted name or registering a domain name for the mere aim of blocking a domain name holder form using it.  So it is better for you to check with your registrar for the laws that greatly affect how you register a domain name.

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