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Domain Name Registrars

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Do you want to have a domain name?  Or, do you wish to register for your domain name?  Well, that is not too hard though.  With the presence of the domain name registrars, your desire for domain names will be made possible.  But what really are domain registrars?

In a most concrete identification, the domain name registrars are actually companies that register domain names for those who love to own a domain name.  And for everybody to comprehend the real nature of domain name registrars and the nature of their work and their role in domain name registration, one must then learn about the ICANN or the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

So speaking of the ICANN that plays a major part in the domain name registrars, it is necessary to know that it has two main responsibilities.  One of those is to oversee the Domain Name System or DNS for the purpose of validating the division of the IP Addresses and domain names, verifying that each one is distinct.  Such group then coordinates the distribution and mapping with each of the registry.   Secondly, the ICANN is responsible of accrediting the domain name registrars.

Generally, the ICANN has particular criteria for the domain name registrars’ accreditation.  It is commonly noted that once the domain name registrars are accredited, it is then a duty of the domain name registrars to sign a contract and agree to bear by the ICANN’s guidelines and procedures.

The next role of the domain name registrars that is involved in the process is the Registries.  The domain name registrars then purchase domains from the Registries as the consumer requests them.  It is interesting to know that the consumers may not register a domain name directly from the Registry, they must do so by the domain name registrars.  The Registries just charge the domain name registrars for registration.  And along with such responsibility, the domain name registrars as well update the domain name at the corresponding Registry whenever a contact or DNS change is created.

In case if there are requests for domain names, such groups then communicate with the  respective Registry to make certain whether the requested domain name is available for purchase or already owned by another party.  So it is understandable that if the requested domain name is available, the consumer is able to register the domain.

Such is the nature and the role of the domain name registrars in the world of domain names.  So if you wish to own a domain name, then you know now where to request for it and where to find it.

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