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Domain name lookup services are some of the common services for domain names today.  Perhaps, it is for the reason that many people these days, especially those who wanted to look for available domain names on the web, are really into some of the available and offered domain name lookup services.  Given such truth behind the world of the domain names, I have presented a few of the available sites on the web today that provide domain name lookup services for the domain name lovers.  So read on.


Domain Name Lookup Services at is such a great place for domain name lookup that it really devised its own domain name lookup engine for the users to check the availability of a certain domain name.  With their domain name lookup engine, you will definitely find the recently available domain names, and you can also lookup the multiple domain records.  Aside from that opportunity, their domain name lookup engine also grants you to monitor your company name.  So all you need to do is to enter the appropriate domain name and select an extension for such name.  Interestingly, their domain name lookup engine will find domain information for over 10 domain extensions and these include the .com, .net, .org, .to, .ac, .ash, and .uk.  And if the requested domain name is already taken, you will be given a chance to view the domain record, but if the domain name is available, then you have the chance to register the name or look up for another name.


Domain Name Lookup Services at

Another notable resource where you can perform a domain name lookup is the  This is a free service that is provided by and is one of the most complete whois services on the web.  With their domain name lookup service, they will automatically track the appropriate “whois” database server for a certain domain name, and then questions that database for details about that certain domain name.  Also, they return all the available data after such process of locating the domain names.  Moreover, in this site, an opportunity for a domain name availability check is given, so the users can perform such domain name lookup service.  And one of the great news for this domain name lookup site is that such availability check can be performed even if a certain domain extension doest not have a searchable whois database.  So with their domain name lookup service, you can definitely register the available domain name at

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