#1 Liquid Vitamin Myth

Liquid vitamins have been taking the vitamin supplement spot light. Questionable facts and liquid vitamin claims have plagued the minds of many. The vitamin absorption truth has finally arrived. The most controversial liquid vitamin myth has to be vitamin absorption superiority. Pill form vitamins offer up to 30% absorption rates while liquid vitamins boast a … Read more

Ethical Franchising – How To Choose A Respected And Principled Franchise System

So you want to buy a franchise? Sounds like a great idea. After all, buying a proven business formula allows you to be steps ahead of the competition and learn from the success of others. It makes absolute sense on many levels, and thus explains the proliferation of franchising and its thriving success rate. The … Read more

Coffeehouse Lingo: How To Order The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

These days when you walk in to a coffee shop it’s a whole new world. You’re not just ordering a “coffee”. You’re ordering a “coffee drink”. There’s an entire language you need to know just to order a coffee drink! It all starts with placing your order. It used to be that you’d tell a … Read more

How To Raise the Value of Your Products

Whether you create and sell your own products, buy reselling rights or rebrand other people’s products, adding value with bonuses is a well-used tactic in affiliate marketing. Why? Because a good bonus is valid, honest, and truly does add value to any offer. Perhaps most importantly, it makes the customer think that NOT to purchase … Read more

Your Thyroid and Weight loss – The Connection is Real

Your thyroid dictates much of your metabolism, any malfunction or disease afflicting this area may cause you to have problems in metabolism leading to a drastic problem with your weight – you may either gain weight, lose weight, or may find that losing weight is harder than usual. Those that plan diets do not take … Read more