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Back Links & How To Get Them, How To Use Them

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Back links (also backlinks or inbound links) are links found in other websites that when licked will direct the visitor to your site. They are the opposite of ìforward linksî which are links in your website that direct your visitors to another site.

Backlinks are important because many search engines (especially Google) look at the number and quality of back links to your site to determine page ranking. It would be ideal if you can get backlinks from sites which have many relevant backlinks themselves. This would help increase your page rank which may lead to increased web traffic. Here are some of the best techniques to getting backlinks:

— Quality Content —

This is the best way to generate back links. There is nothing better than a good site providing quality content. If you have valuable content, other webmasters will borrow them for their own sites. Your content will of course contain a link to your site for copyright purposes. Thatís one backlink for you. Other webmasters may also simply post your link inn their website to provide their visitors more information resources.

— Forum Posting —

This means becoming actively involved in forums. Contribute your thoughts, get to know the people on the forum, interact with them. With every post, tag your signature with a link to your site. Make sure though that you write only worthy posts.

— Article Submission —

If youíre an expert on your websiteís contents (which is usually a given), spend some time preparing and submitting well-written, thoughtful articles for submission to other websites. Every article you write is one back link; if your article is good enough, it will be copied and posted by other sites and thereby give you additional back links.

— Directory Submissions —

There are an increasing number of free web directories. Get on the net and visit each and every web directory you can find, and submit your website and URL to them. Of course, you should make sure to submit only under your keywords or niche category.

— Reciprocal Link Exchanges —

As the name implies, these are web-based services where you can ëexchangeí links with other website owners or web masters in a ëYou place my link and I place your linkí approach. There are two things to keep in mind with link exchanges, however. One, make sure you are exchanging links with relevant sites. Second, never do mass mailings to webmasters ñ most will only ignore you. It is better to make contact individually (especially those whose pages are relevant to yours) and suggest a link exchange.

— Link Baiting —

This happens when you post something controversial on your site or post something interesting with the aim of getting people to blog it, and provide links to your page. While some think of this as spam or ëblack hat SEOí, ignore them ñ people choose to link to your site; you donít force them to do so.

— Provide a ‘Link to Me’ Code —

Make things easy and convenient for people who want to link to you. ìLink to Meî is an HTML code that people simply copy and paste on their websites and blogs to link to you. But donít use all text ñ use some graphics, come up with icons or buttons to include in your code. People who look for filler content may just be willing to make use of your sleek, glossy and alluring banner or button on their sites because itís free and available.

— Consider RSS Feeds —

RSS feeds allow you to network your content, or allow other sites to display your content on their sites, with a back link to the original article or page.

— If Desperate, Buy Text Links —

If you have the resources, why not simply buy text links? The option is available if you do not want to go through the hassle of the other methods discussed above; on the other hand, this is a worthwhile option if your actual intent is to make money and sell text links to others.

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